16 Apr 2015

NLOA Endorsement of Strengthen the Shield Candidates

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Dear New Member & Supporters:

Recently the Executive Board met with Brian Fusco and the rest of the Strengthen the Shield candidates. We discussed issues that are important to all New York City Police Officers and that have negatively impacted many of our members in the rank of Police Officer; issues like enforcement quotas, excessive and disparate discipline and the inequality that exists in the opportunity for tenured Police Officers to compete for specialized patrol units. These were some of the few amongst a host of many issues that we as an organization found ourselves in sync with Brian and the diverse Strengthen the Shield slate of candidates.

Members – it is important to realize that we are at a critical juncture in policing and members in the rank of Police Officer have an opportunity to elect a leadership team that can improve the work environment of everyday Police Officers for a generation. Therefore the National Latino Officers Association endorses the Strengthen the Shield slate of candidates in the upcoming elections of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association!

It is critical that our members in the Rank of Police Officer and those members that know other New York City Police Officers to VOTE in the upcoming PBA election. Allow your voice to be heard through your vote and take an active part in changing the Job for the better! The National Latino Officers Association looks forward to partnering with Brian and his team to address many of the issues already mentioned and to improve the morale of the rank and file that has been deteriorating for the last 16 years.

We encourage all of you to visit the Strengthen the Shield website at www.strengthentheshield.com and join their email list. You will also be able to be redirected from the NLOA website www.NLOAUS.org. Following this endorsement letter are bios of Brian and his team and if any members have questions, please contact us at ExecutiveBoardNLOA@gmail.com.

Fraternally Vote to Strengthen the Shield,

Executive Board
National Latino Officers Association