07 Jun 2014

Re-Elect Willie Perez, NYSCOPBA Southern Region Vice President

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NYSCOPBA Southern Region Members, cast your vote by July 4, 2014 to re-elect Willie Perez for Vice President!

Willie is a proven leader with a track record in fighting for all Correction Officers in the Southern Region. Serving Bedford Hills, Edgecombe, Lincoln, Queensboro, Sing-Sing, and Taconic Correctional Facilities for over nine years.

See why Southern Region Correction Officers like Willie:

“Willie Perez and I are about as far apart politically as two people can be.  That being said, I believe he is the person that should continue as VP of the Southern Region.  My years at Sing Sing were the best of my life.  I think that anyone who worked for me, if asked to say one thing about me, most would respond, ‘he always took care of his people.’  Willie Perez always takes care of his people!  All of his people.  If I could vote, I would be voting for Willie Perez!!”
– Mike Algiere

“I am 100% endorsing Willie Perez for another term.  Willie and I have known each other for 15 years on a professional and personal level.  I would listen to Willie talk politics prior to becoming the VP of the southern region. He always said what he would do to make things better for the officers and their families and I watched him do it.  I have seen Willie stand up and fight for every officer if and when they needed.  If it was a question, suggestion or problem, he did his best to get answers.  Not many people are aware but just at Sing Sing facility alone he has partaken in seeing to it that the officers have a new gym, female housing, and the upgrading of the locker rooms.  I have seen and heard officers in need of his assistance and without hesitation Willie was at their side, ready to assist in any way with no judgement regardless of race or gender.  In short he is true to his word and a REAL stand-up guy. VOTE WILLIE PEREZ FOR A 4TH TERM.”
– Michael Noriega

“Willie is an accessible and proven loyal fighter.  He fought against racism and harassment at the highest levels.  He does his best despite the obstacles the Governor has put before him with displacements.  Even though Im retired, I still respect this man!”
– Tyrone Weo Norfleet

“I, A. Casellas 100% endorse and support Willie Perez to be our Southern Region Vice President.  No one works harder for his fellow brothers and sisters.  My vote is for Willie.”
– A. Casellas

Follow Willie Perez here and keep NYSCOPBA Southern Region Members moving forward!

(Attached flyer paid for by Friends of Willie Perez)