18 Oct 2013

Press Conference and Statement Supporting Raphael Pineiro – Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Date:           Sunday, October 20, 2013
Time:           10AM
Location:     1 Police Plaza (Mezzanine Level)


We understand the mayoral candidates, Joseph Lhota and Bill de Blasio, if elected in the general election in November, will have a transition team vetting candidates for the arduous task of appointing a new Police Commissioner, which in some opinions is considered the second most important job in local government behind the Mayor.  According to reports, there are numerous names being mentioned by the candidates worthy for consideration for appointment as Police Commissioner, none who are Latino. The question is why not?  It appears to us this is, “A Tale of Two Cities, One White and One Black; Latinos Not Included.”

There are nearly 10,000 Hispanic Police Officers and many have been asking: Where are our Latino elected officials?  Why aren’t they making their voices heard? We’re talking about those leaders who have not pledged allegiance to a political party.  Leaders who are not afraid to point out when the Latino community is being slighted. We are calling upon those leaders to join us at our press conference and demand the next Mayor appoint a Hispanic Police Commissioner.  We need leaders who are committed to our community, not charlatans who speak without substance.

We call upon the next Mayor to appoint First Deputy Commissioner Rafael Pineiro as Police Commissioner.   Commissioner Pineiro has over four decades of policing experience, the intellectual and academic credentials, and is the most qualified person in the country to lead the finest police department. He’s a proven leader with vision, integrity and a strong knowledge of effective policing practices that will serve the citizens of New York City.  With an impeccable reputation in the law enforcement community, Commissioner Pineiro is the best candidate for the upcoming vacancy of Police Commissioner.

We challenge the next mayor to demonstrate his commitment to the Latino community and appoint Rafael Pineiro as the first ever Hispanic Police Commissioner.


Lt. Robert Gonzalez                   Det. Dennis Gonzalez                        Lt. Eddie Rodriguez
President, NLOA                         President, Hispanic Society              President, NYDO
(917)686-5725                            (646)210-9229                                    (917)407-2549

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