08 Jul 2013

National Latino Officers Association Endorses Liu for Mayor – July 8, 2013

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National Latino Officers Association Endorses Liu for Mayor

For Immediate Release
July 8, 2013
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NEW YORK, NY – The National Latino Officers Association (NLOA) today endorsed John Liu for Mayor on the steps of City Hall.

“John’s track record is proven and speaks for itself,” said NLOA Chairman Anthony Miranda. “Quite frankly, John Liu’s standard for fairness and his unapologetic demand for equal treatment is second to none, and this resonates deeply with my members and communities across the City. On the issues, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of the needs and priorities of all New Yorkers, especially his bold ideas for our schools, job creation and public safety. John Liu has the refreshing guts required to bring about the big changes needed by a dramatically changing electorate, and we are certain that City Hall under a Liu administration will reflect all of New York. It’s for all these reasons and more that the National Latino Officers Association proudly throws our unabated support behind John Liu’s vision for New York and candidacy for Mayor.”

“NLOA has always been an outspoken group unafraid to lay out the issues as they really are and advocate fiercely for what is right,” Comptroller Liu said. “The officers are dedicated public servants who day-in and day-out ensure safe communities throughout the City, equal opportunities throughout the ranks, and the growth of this international capital of the world. I am honored to have their confidence and humbled by this endorsement from the National Latino Officers Association.”

The National Latino Officers Association (NLOA) is an acknowledged fraternal and advocacy organization. The mission of NLOA is to promote tolerance toward and understanding of the Latino culture in all public and private agencies, especially in the law enforcement community. The organization aims to create strong bonds between the Latino community and other law enforcement agencies and to ensure equal representation in hiring and promotional practices. We also strive to ensure that members work in an environment that is in compliance with all equal employment opportunity rules and regulations; an environment free of discrimination, hostility, retaliation, and sexual harassment.

NLOA represents both uniform and civilian members who are employed by law enforcement agencies on the city, state, and federal level and represents non-law enforcement personnel employed in the private and public sectors.