30 Oct 2011

Hispanic Elected Officials

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Recently we communicated with you regarding the opportunity for the New York City Police Department to appoint the first Hispanic to the position of Deputy Commissioner of Training.  Unfortunately, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly did not avail himself of this unique opportunity and appointed another male white to his executive staff without giving any other qualified minorities an interview.

This communication is not so much about the individual who was appointed as it is about the qualified Hispanic they failed to appoint and the missed opportunity!  While the individual appointed has the academic qualifications, he does not possess the insight of being a minority in the City of New York and is out of touch with the current NYPD training curriculum that has evolved since September 11, 2001.

The NYPD is struggling with endless investigations of misconduct, abuse, and criminality.  We cannot allow this to be the next excuse for failing to even consider a qualified Hispanic.  As elected representatives of our community you cannot allow this pattern of discrimination to continue.  Mr. Kelly’s refusal to even grant a Hispanic candidate an interview is a slap in the face to the minority constituents of our city.  The Executive staff of the New York City Police Department is void of any Hispanic Deputy Commissioners and this is why the disconnect between the Police Department and the minority community has widen to a level that is disastrous. As elected representatives of our community, you cannot allow this level of disregard and disrespect to go unquestioned.

Now, as always, we need to be vigilant to the opportunities for qualified Hispanics.


Anthony Miranda