22 Jan 2004

Ultimate Public Servant

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Fallen at the World Trade Center
September 11, 2001

Police Officer Ramon Suarez, 45, was appointed to the Transit Police Department on January 20,1987, and worked in Transit District 4, Transit Borough Manhattan Task Force, and the Highway District before transferring back to District 4 in March 2000. He and his partner, PO Mark J. Ellis, were both killed while responding to the World Trade Center tragedy.

A graduate of the Manhattan School of Graphic Arts and Design, PO Suarez was a few credits shy of a bachelor’s degree from Pace University. A physical fitness enthusiast, he had received numerous trophies and awards for his expertise in karate.

PO Suarez is survived by his wife Carmen, children Jillian, Sophia and Ramon Jr, parents Marina and Raul, sisters Margarita and Milagros, and brother Raul.

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